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Digital Marketing

Marketing Management Methods Recent Day Changes

Marketing methods have changes drastically in the past 10 years as everything is going digital and online .these are some of the major changes that...

digital marketing in egypt

Digital Marketing Trends 2020: Myths and Facts

Digital marketing trends that are wrongly perceived due to myths about them and the facts that will clearly indiciate their usefulness in the present

Real estate marketing

How Realtors Can Break into Inbound Marketing

With new technologies, people find more ways to be connected to the internet. Here is How Real Estate Can Break into New Real estate marketing tools.

Marketing Artificial Intelligence

Marketing Artificial Intelligence trends in 2020

AI has developed greatly in the past 5 years. Where machine learning has helped in the advancement of sales, marketing and service activities in...

Marketing Artificial Intelligence

Cutting Edge Technologies in FinTech

As a Fintech business owner, company executive or a marketer in one, you need to know what it AI is and how it affects your work.

Digital Marketing

How Blockchain affects Marketing Strategies?

Blockchain can be simply explained as an electronic journal ledger for recording and keeping track of transactions between different users