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Cutting Edge Technologies in FinTech

As a Fintech business owner, company executive or a marketer in one, you need to know what it AI is and how it affects your work.

FinTech is a booming and emerging concept that is spreading and gaining popularity all over the globe and in many different industries. Where different financial transactions have been simplified to be a click of a button on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Where paying your bills, transferring cash, changing currencies and making different kinds of purchases can now be done from your where-ever is convenient to you. This advancement was inevitable as technology and Artificial Intelligence has affected every aspect of our lives, at the same time financial and investment services being a major part of the business world and our day to day transactions.

The interconnection between financial services and technology is Fintech which has become a well known concept. As a Fintech business owner, company executive or a marketer in one, you need to know what it is and how it affects your work. You also need to know how it affects the marketing world and how inbound marketing is related to it. Interested? Then read ahead.

Cutting Edge Technologies in FinTech

Why must FinTech companies embrace inbound marketing?

As a business manager, business owner or marketer you must know that information has become easily and widely available.For both your targeted prospects and customers via smartphones, tablets and computers. Where they have already made their product research.As it is very easy to google what they want to know about any product or service they want or need.

They’ve taken their first step of their purchasing journey regarding your product and/or service without any assistance from you. And the competition is fierce among the financial institution to grab the attention of prospect customers. On the other hand, you have to control the buyer’s journey (from the awareness stage, to the consideration stage and ending with the decision and closing stage) and to be part of it, your company must be able to answer your prospects’ and buyers’ questions. In a way that relates to their preferred online habits and ensures that they are nurtured with timely, relevant and valuable information.

Cutting Edge Technologies in FinTech

Fintech company growth with inbound marketing

Inbound marketing will cost you almost 2/3 less than traditional outbound marketing in order for you to get the same results, it’s accumulative. Which means that the money you spend creating valuable content today will continue to engage, attract and delight your ideal buyers and spark conversations, and the content you create remains relevant to prospects and customers, and fulfills a need that they have or answers their questions.

Therefore,lower cost inbound marketing techniques will bring more business in the long run, helping your business to grow in a steady pace by targeting the right people with the right demographics and are suitable for your product and service.

Rather than targeting a large scale of audience that is irrelevant and will cost you more without a beneficial outcome to your business in an unorganized and an arbitrary manner.

Cutting Edge Technologies in FinTech

Fintech and marketing automation

In the financial sector, the best marketing channels can be difficult to identify without the use of software that keeps track of traffic and marketing activities.

That’s why 49% of companies are now using marketing automation to assist with repetitive marketing tasks such as emails, social media and managing leads.

With HubSpot’s marketing automation software you can save time by scheduling posts and tracking your return on investment (ROI). Where you can see how many prospects converted to customers and how many offers were actually obtained by them.

If you balance your business practices through automating marketing processes, such as website optimization, prioritizing content distribution and driving traffic to landing pages. Then campaign results are analyzed using real time insights that will help in making adjustments based on your performance.These adjustments when made in a timely manner, will save your company a lot of money rather than spend it where it will not yield the return and profit it requires.

Cutting Edge Technologies in FinTech

Finally, as a Fintech business manager/ owner, Inbound marketing is a technology that will help you generate more high quality relevant leads. This is by targeting the right prospect audience, and eventually converting them into loyal customers. Who can advocate for your brand and be partners in your growing success. The Hubspot marketing automation software will assist you in managing many platforms at the same time saving you time and effort and giving the right tools that analyse results and save unwanted additional costs.

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