Inbound Marketing 101: What is it and why do HEIs need it?


Higher Education Institutions in Egypt are all fighting to get their message to the same audience and what that truly means is that HEIs with name recognition and deep pockets easily go further ahead while everyone else is left to fight over the scraps. There's an easy solution where your institution can create its competitive advantage and reach its full potential; by using Inbound Marketing. Inbound Marketing will help you increase your enrollment numbers with less effort and a smaller budget. 

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Your guide to a successful university marketing plan

The higher education sector in Egypt is in constant change, the number of universities 10 years ago is not comparable to the number of universities right now and that’s why universities need to go the extra mile in their marketing efforts to meet their enrollment goals.

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Higher Education Marketing Playbook to Stand Out from Competition


Higher Education is facing a lot of challenges and over the past decade the higher education sector has been changing significantly. Starting from the students' journey, the factors that impact their decision, and the way they conduct their research in order to reach a decision.

Today's students prefer to conduct their own research online, knowing that, if universities don't have a strong digital marketing strategy, they're more likely to lose students.

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