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5 Inbound Marketing Tactics to Improve your Brand Image as Real Estate developer

To improve your brand image for your real estate business can be vital. Check what real estate marketers should do.

Think about organizations saying that they will "FedEx" it but not sending it via the post office or a person saying "Google it " rather than search it on the internet. When your customers think of you first when they need to take a certain action? Does your customers replace a well-known verb in the language with your brand name? Like "Google it".

Whether your customer buys or uses your product or service. You build awareness about your brand by consistently exposing your customer to your product or service over time.

This is a significant distinction for your brand , that is when your customers enter the “Decision stage” and your brand is what comes to their mind first.

5 Inbound Marketing Tactics to Improve your Brand Image as Real Estate developer

The Impact of Branding your Real Estate Business in Egypt

In Egypt, to improve your real estate company’s brand image can be vital to the success of your Business. In this Blog, we will explain where real estate digital marketing should operate.

We will show you how your company can gain the visibility it needs to improve the brand’s identity in the real estate market.

To create a highly impactful presence for your real estate company , it requires rigorous coordination as branding demands a comprehensive approach, rooted with a strong strategy.

This is where inbound marketing comes in, where creating meaningful relevant content to your prospect clients during their buying journey , helps them to move forward down the sales funnel and progress to loyal customers who can advocate for your brand.

At the same time, working in the Real Estate Industry in Egypt requires extensive knowledge, experience and creativity when understanding the needs of both residential and commercial customers in order to market projects successfully in the market.

So in order to make sure that your real-estate company is the first brand name that comes to mind when a prospect customer thinks of buying or investing in Real Estate you should follow these 5 inbound marketing tactics to do so:

Provide your Clients with value
Nowadays customers are expecting something more than just a product or a service. They need an on-going sequence of offers that provides them with consistent value to feel appreciated and of significance to the brand that they’re dealing with. This concept led many Real Estate Companies in Egypt to think of ways to involve the customer in every step of the buying journey. Creating ways to delight them and build long term relationships with them and provide them with consistent value.

Don't be out of sight
"Out of sight is out of mind" this is a real business fact. Which means that if you are not constantly reminding your prospects and customers that you are actively doing business and that your products and services are available, they will forget all about you.

So always be consistent and be visible, through creating a consistent stream of social media posts relevant to your brand and to your prospects and customers on the different social media platforms.

Delight your Customers
Very satisfied customers have a repurchase rate from 3 to 10 times higher than that somewhat satisfied customers, which means that if you’ve made sure to delight your customers they’re more likely to continue working with your organization in the future and spend more money with you.

To delight your customer is to go the extra mile for them and provide added value. But the great thing is that value doesn’t end with the customer taking action. When you delight your customers, it ends up coming full-circle back to your organization. Your customers’ delight comes from getting more than they first bargained for, for example exclusive offers and early insider information about upcoming real-estate project launches.

Use the same Visuals in all your marketing materials
This tip seems to be clear but sometimes overlooked by digital marketing experts. In different digital marketing materials such as Videos, virtual tours, social media posts or online webinars, creators might miss including the most important visual "company logo” in their cover photo for example.

When you consistently use the same visuals for all your Real estate business digital marketing platforms (website, email marketing, social media posts), in addition to your offline marketing materials, its one Extra way you’ll be recognized by your target market.

Write a blog about your Real Estate business
You may be wondering if blogging should be a part of your digital marketing plan or not. You also may have heard that blogging will improve your business website ranking on search engines and drive more visits to your website.

This is true as there are a lot of opportunities to be seized in the Egyptian Real Estate industry by blogging and positioning your brand as an industry leader.

Give your business an extra medium for your potential customer to connect with your brand where you can build a long term relationship that your competitors don’t have.

Finally, Digital marketing is an integral part of any marketing strategy, and following inbound marketing tactics is a clear road to success when it comes to attracting the right customers who will be loyal advocates for your brand and marketing it to others, while increasing the awareness of your brand and your sales in return.

Your online presence needs to follow your customers' directions which are moving towards technology and innovation. It's also worth your time and effort to check the Beginner's Guide To Take Your Real Estate Marketing To The Next Level.

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