How can inbound marketing help Fintechs

Posted by Yasmin Hisham on Sep 29, 2020 1:31:52 PM

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How can inbound marketing help Fintechs


Financial technologies (Fintech) are techs that seek to improve and automate the delivery and use of financial services. Fintech helps users to manage their financial operations and processes by using softwares on computers and smartphones.


The Fintech industry is highly competitive, it is very challenging to be heard or be recognized by customers. In the end no matter how these applications offer disruptive solutions, marketing must be used in order to reach the target audience and generate leads.


Inbound marketing helps understanding types of audience you want to attract, and then building a content marketing strategy aimed at adding value to their lives through education, which is the key to boosting organic traffic, website traffic and lead generation.


We will discuss how inbound marketing can attract investors to Fintechs.


Achieving trust and credibility


The most challenging issue in the Fintech sector is how to convince users to invest their money in such activity, and create reasons for them to make this move necessary according to their needs, putting into consideration the return on investment (ROI).


Inbound marketing can help you achieve this credibility through creating the right content strategy that would attract their attention and make them understand how your Fintech can give them valid solutions.


Reach target audience

In order to attract investors or users you need to know who your target audience is. In order to modify your content strategy to make it valuable to your prospects, and understand which social media platforms that will attract them.


Instead of trying to embrace all platforms to generate traffic, showcase your brand offerings to your targeted audience. Address their challenges like speed, security, and privacy of online money transactions and give them effective solutions with attractive content to generate interest from the customers. This will increase the traffic to your website.


Predict high ROI

A proper revenue plan can attract potential investors towards your brand. Maintaining strategies that align your sales and marketing collaboration, will fulfill this purpose, and hence will refine the quality of leads you are communicating with.


With effective use of inbound marketing techniques of lead scoring, lead generation metrics and Service Level Agreements (SLAs), your marketing strategies get streamlined in a much smoother way, allowing you to exceed your expectations.