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Why should you have a sales and marketing audit checklist?

Boost sales & marketing efficiency with our audit checklist. Streamline processes, improve team performance & customer satisfaction in HubSpot..


Whether you're managing a small enterprise or overseeing a sales team, conducting a sales and marketing audit offers crucial insights into the efficiency of your sales and marketing methods, guiding you to make knowledgeable choices for enhancing both sales and marketing results and operational efficiency.

The goal of a sales and marketing audit is to pinpoint areas requiring refinement, optimize the sales and marketing procedure, and heighten customer satisfaction.

By addressing the challenges resolved by a sales and marketing audit checklist, you can enhance the overall effectiveness of your sales and marketing strategy. 

The table of contents:

1. Why should you have a sales Hubspot audit checklist?
2. How to Audit Your Sales Hub Account?
3. Who stands to gain from using a sales Hubspot audit checklist?
4. Explore the Sales Hubspot  Audit Checklist.
5. Why should you have a marketing Hubspot audit checklist?
6. How to Audit Your Marketing Hub Account?
7. A marketing Hubspot audit checklist can help who?
8. Explore the Marketing Hubspot Audit Checklist.

Why should you have a sales Hubspot audit checklist?

1. Enhanced Sales Performance

 A sales audit scrutinizes the entire sales procedure, pinpointing key areas for refinement. This detailed analysis is instrumental in bolstering overall sales efficiency and effectiveness.

2. Boost in Efficiency

 Through the optimization and refinement of the sales process identified in a sales audit, overall efficiency in sales operations can be significantly enhanced, leading to smoother and more effective sales activities.

3. More Effective Goal-Setting

Insights garnered from a sales audit enable the setting of more informed and realistic sales goals, based on a thorough understanding of the sales landscape.

4. Identification of Strengths and Weaknesses

A sales audit aids in recognizing the strong points and potential areas of improvement within the sales process, allowing for targeted enhancements.

5. Informed Decision-Making

 The valuable data and insights provided by a sales audit empower better-informed decisions regarding sales strategies and methodologies, leading to more effective sales outcomes.

6. Gaining a Competitive Edge

Continual improvement of the sales process, driven by regular sales audits, positions a business to maintain and enhance its competitive advantage in the market.

How to Audit Your Sales Hub Account?

1) Menu: Settings ➞ Sales ➞ Deals

  • Activate the Sync lifecycle stages to associated contacts and companies option.

This saves you time from updating contacts/companies and keeps your database updated with accurate info.

  • Update deal Stage Names to align with your company’s sales pipeline 

Every company differs. Use HubSpot’s Sales Pipeline Guide to learn

how to create your company’s sales pipeline.

Who stands to gain from using a sales Hubspot audit checklist?

1. Sales Managers and Teams

 This tool is invaluable for gaining deep insights into the sales process. It assists sales managers and their teams enhance sales performance and streamline operational efficiency.

2. Senior Leadership

It aids senior leaders in pinpointing specific areas within the sales process that require improvement. The insights gathered can also guide more strategic and informed decision-making at higher levels of the organization.

3. Sales Trainers and Consultants

For these professionals, a sales audit checklist is a goldmine of information. It helps in crafting and delivering more impactful sales training and consultancy services, tailored to address specific needs and gaps identified in the sales process.

4. Marketing and Customer Service Teams

The checklist provides a deeper understanding of the customer journey and experience. It helps these teams identify areas that need enhancement in marketing strategies and customer service practices, fostering a more integrated and effective approach to customer engagement and satisfaction.

Explore the Sales Hubspot  Audit Checklist

This is beneficial whether you aim to better the processes of lead generation, qualification, and closing, or to assess the performance of your sales and marketing personnel. A sales and marketing Hubspot portal audit checklist is a vital instrument for achieving success in these endeavors.


Why should you have a marketing Hubspot audit checklist?

Having a marketing audit checklist is important for several reasons:

1. Strategic Alignment

It ensures that your marketing efforts are aligned with your business goals and objectives. Regular audits help keep your strategies on track and relevant to your target market and business environment.

2. Performance Analysis

A checklist allows for a comprehensive analysis of the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. You can assess what's working and what's not, enabling you to allocate resources more efficiently.

3. Market Understanding

Audits help in gaining a deeper understanding of your market, including customer preferences, competitor strategies, and emerging trends. This insight is crucial for staying competitive and relevant.

4. Identification of Opportunities

Through regular audits, you can identify new opportunities for growth and innovation in your marketing strategies. This proactive approach can lead to the discovery of untapped markets or novel marketing channels.

5. Risk Management

A marketing portal audit helps in identifying potential risks or issues in your marketing plans or execution. Early detection of these risks allows for timely corrective actions, minimizing negative impacts on your business.

4. Budget Optimization: 

By regularly examining the effectiveness of your marketing spend, a checklist helps in optimizing your budget. It ensures that you are investing in the most effective strategies and tools.

5. Improved Decision-Making

 Armed with detailed insights from the audit, decision-makers can make more informed, data-driven choices about marketing strategies, leading to better outcomes.

In summary, a marketing audit checklist is a valuable tool for maintaining your marketing efforts' effectiveness, efficiency, and alignment with your overall business strategy.

How to Audit Your Marketing Hub Account?

1) Menu: Settings ➞ Marketing ➞ Email

  •  Review and update the Configuration tab.
  •  Under subscriptions, turn on Don’t Send to unengaged contacts, Resubscription email, and Double opt-in.

Enabling “double opt-in” isn’t necessary if you don’t have your GDPR settings.

  •  Review and update Subscription Types and correctly customize to your


This helps decrease the rate of unsubscribes from all marketing emails

by allowing contacts to customize their subscriptions (e.g. Monthly email

newsletters vs. Weekly emails).

  •  Under Tracking, turn on Track email opens, Track clicks, and Identity tracking

2) Menu: Settings ➞ Marketing ➞ Social

  •  Under Accounts, reauthorize any expired social media accounts

Your social accounts will automatically expire after some time for security reasons. Simply reconnect any expired accounts.

  •  Create a custom Publishing schedule

Review your social reports to identify optimal publishing days and times. Add these days and times to your schedule under the publishing Tab.

  •  Determine Email Notification preferences

This sends you an email summarizing all new social interactions, conversions, and follows.

A marketing Hubspot audit checklist can help who?

1) Marketing team

Marketing audits can assist the marketing team in setting goals and monitoring success. Understanding how successfully your previous efforts addressed client expectations and whether any areas require additional focus allows you to create reasonable and achievable goals for your next marketing campaign and avoid making the same mistakes.

2) Entrepreneurs

A marketing audit checklist can help business owners. It assists them in identifying areas for improvement and capitalizing on new chances. Even if everything is going well, it is critical to stay current with industry trends so that your firm is not caught off guard when competitors begin targeting your prospective clients more successfully than you are.

Explore the Marketing Hubspot Audit Checklist

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