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Scitecs becomes the HubSpot Platinum Partner in the Gulf and the first in Egypt

As a HubSpot Platinum Partner, Scitecs has access to exclusive HubSpot resources to offer cutting-edge and effective marketing solutions to clients

Scitecs, a leading digital growth agency, is now the first HubSpot Platinum Partner in Egypt. This status reflects Scitecs's commitment to top-notch digital solutions and customer service, focusing on B2B SaaS and deep-tech industries. Over the past decade, Scitecs has helped more than 100 companies reach their marketing and sales goals, showcasing its expertise and dedication in the field.

Achieving Platinum Partner status with HubSpot - the world’s leading CRM platform-, signifies Scitecs's high level of expertise and commitment to delivering top-tier inbound marketing services. This partnership allows Scitecs to provide their clients with the most advanced and effective CRM solutions available.

"We're thrilled to be the first and only one in Egypt to reach this level with HubSpot; it’s a testament to our team's hard work and our dedication to continue innovating and delivering outstanding client results," says Dr. Ahmed Mourady – Managing Director of Scitecs.

Scitecs has consistently demonstrated its ability to drive growth and success for its clients through effective digital strategies. 

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About HubSpot: HubSpot stands as a premier CRM platform, offering software and support aimed at enhancing business growth. Its platform encompasses a suite of products for marketing, sales, service, and website management, which begin as free options and extend to meet evolving client requirements at any growth phase.

Presently, HubSpot serves thousands of global customers who benefit from its robust, user-friendly tools and integrations designed to attract, engage, and please clients.

About Scitecs: Founded in 2010, Scitecs is a comprehensive Growth Agency that delivers inventive and strategic digital solutions, enabling clients to connect with their target audience and achieve their sales and marketing goals. As The first HubSpot partner in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, Scitecs has supported over 100 firms within the region in adopting HubSpot to accelerate their growth swiftly.

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