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5 Real Estate Marketing Ideas in Egypt to boost your Sales in 2020

Are you a real estate professional looking for marketing ideas? Here are 5 best real estate marketing ideas in Egypt

While taking a look at the latest trends used by digital marketing agencies in Egypt, we found some innovative real estate marketing ideas in Egypt that give any business an “Edge” over the competition.
Those ideas, when applied appropriately, will generate more prospects and help you convert prospect leads into loyal customers.


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We have found that real estate marketing strategies in Egypt vary from basic practices that place you as a brand on the right route, to exceptionally innovative practices that rank you as a No.1 professional competitor in your field.
Therefore, we have gathered the essential guidelines to put your plan into action. Split into 3 major areas: Basic, Skilled and Innovative marketing practices.

Basics: Suitable for all new professionals to the digital marketing field, those who want to work with the bare minimum in their digital marketing efforts.

Skilled: For experienced professionals who wish to take their digital marketing practices to the next level and venture into new territories where they can start to refine their skills and emerge to a better digital marketing position for their company.

Innovative: For the resourceful professionals who have the urge to invent new concepts and ideas and which to be pioneers in the field by bringing to life new ideas and unheard of ways that greatly distinguish their business.

You will need to add those guidelines to your business digital marketing plan and analyze each step to measure its effect on your business.

Basic practices:

Identify your brand identity and digital marketing plan.

This is a must, as it will assist you throughout your plan. Investing time and effort to define your brand is substantial and definitely worthwhile. Also, developing your business goals and real estate digital marketing plan will help you set and track them and plan out exactly what digital marketing tactics to prioritize.

Set up a strong real estate digital profile

When prospects find your business online, they must be able to get a powerful sense of what your business is about. You should have strong content created to address the prospects’ pain points and provide valuable relevant information to them.

Establish a real estate portfolio that your potential customers will appreciate. Provide your experience, values, and interests, and put it clearly on the ‘About Me’ page of your business website.

Develop a unique value proposition

In order to be a successful Real Estate marketing professional, you don't need to have exceptional qualities that place you above others, but you need to specify what those unique qualities mean to your customers, prospects, and society. A brief value proposition should reveal your value and strengths as a marketer.

Set up a 30-second presentation to use when speaking with new prospects.

If you build a unique value proposition, you can come up with a pitch as something that’s very similar in your primary discussions with prospects, this pitch should be short, concise and to the point, you should be able to tell your prospect what, why you are offering him your product and service and entice his interest at the same time. Once you have prepared your pitch, practice it out loud.

Update your website once a week.

Your website is the main portal to boost your business brand. If prospects see the same information on your website regularly, they will think that you have limited value to provide them, they will get bored and will not have a favorable impression about how you do business. Make sure you’re refreshing featured listings and adding new valuable content for your audience –once a week as a minimum.
If you want greater real estate agent marketing ideas, see what some great industry benchmarks stated about achieving marketing success. Then check the rest of the above lists we have mentioned to gain more experience and knowledge.

Your online presence needs to follow your customers' directions, which are moving towards technology and innovation, provide them with value and address their pain points. Then they’ll be converted to customers who are loyal to your brand.

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