5 statistics facts you have to know now before creating your marketing  strategy (Infographic)

Posted by Manar abd al aziz on May 17, 2020 6:17:00 PM

Marketing statistics are applied to measure and evaluate opportunities, possibilities, and success of marketing programs. The success of your marketing strategy is linked to defining the target market and using effective marketing communication channels to reach it.


Topics: Business Growth, Inbound Marketing

Marketing Management Methods Recent Day Changes

Posted by Basma Khamis on Apr 27, 2020 3:28:14 PM

In the past 10 years marketing methods that have been used and followed by businesses either small or large, have evolved and changed dramatically. These changes have affected businesses in a positive way and has also affected manager in how they conduct their marketing activities and what methods that they use to get the best out come. 


Topics: Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Trends 2020: Myths and Facts

Posted by Basma Khamis on Apr 22, 2020 2:33:48 PM

The digital world has become the dominating one in this age and time where everyone is getting their information about what’s going on in the world through their laptop, tablet or smartphone or all of those devices. That is why digital marketing has become a major impacting factor on the buying decision process of prospect customers with all its digital marketing trends.


Topics: digital marketing in egypt

5 Challenges You Might Face When Working From Home and How to Overcome Them

Posted by Yasmin Hisham on Apr 15, 2020 2:57:29 PM

With the development of the internet, many businesses find it more practical to hire some working from home employees, in departments that don't require physical presence of employees, to save space in the office or to cut some expenses.

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4 Inbound Marketing Strategies to Help You Face any Financial Crisis

Posted by Yasmin Hisham on Apr 15, 2020 1:07:25 PM

Financial crisis is a disturbance to financial markets. associated typically with falling asset prices and insolvency among debtors and intermediaries, which spreads through the financial system, disrupting the markets capacity to allocate capital. Financial crises can result due to several reasons such as natural crises, revolutions, wars and many more and it has happened on the international and the local levels since the beginning of time. 

Some of the most popular financial crises that took place in the 20th and 21st centuries globally were the International debt crisis in 1970, International debt crisis from 1981 to 1989, The great recession in 2008 and recently the Covid-19 crisis in 2020. 


Topics: Digital Marketing, B2B marketing, Grow your Business

How To Grow Your Business If Marketing Funnel Is Dead?

Posted by Anna Morozova on Apr 14, 2020 12:45:00 PM

To achieve business growth, most of the companies put significant efforts and resources. However, 9 out of 10 businesses don’t reach their business goals. Why? Outdated business concepts, such as marketing funnel, is one of the reasons for this.


Topics: Digital Marketing, B2B marketing, Grow your Business

حقائق و أساطير عن العمل من المنزل و لماذا هو الحل الأفضل الآن؟

Posted by Esraa Aman on Apr 2, 2020 3:23:51 PM

لو كنت ممن يعملون من المنزل، أو موظفون شركتك يعملون من المنزل فبالتأكيد انهال عليك العشرات إن لم يكن مئات من المقالات التي تقول لك أن العمل من المنزل هو أفضل استراتيجية لزيادة كفاءة العاملين وآلاف تعدد مساوئ العمل في المنزل! 


Topics: العمل من المنزل

Crisis Management 2020: Top measures for Digital Era

Posted by Anna Morozova on Apr 2, 2020 6:45:00 AM

2020 has just started, but its first quarter has already brought much upheaval, including the notorious Coronavirus. However, such reputable sources like Forbes and Independent predicted it in 2018, which means Coronavirus is one reason out of various factors causing crises.


Topics: digital marketing in egypt

3 Roadblocks that Crash your Real Estate Digital Marketing Efforts

Posted by Basma Khamis on Feb 27, 2020 10:43:00 AM

Like most real estate professionals, now you should start analyzing your real estate digital marketing plan outcomes for last year, and learn from the obstacles and challenges that you faced. What went wrong? This is always the question any marketing professional should have some answers to. 


Topics: Real Estate, Real estate marketing, Real estate industry in Egypt, Real Estate marketing roadblocks

كيف تؤثر توجهات التسويق العقاري الالكتروني الحديث على مبيعاتك في 2020

Posted by Esraa Aman on Feb 25, 2020 1:19:43 PM

اتجه العديد من شركات التسويق العقاري إلى التسويق العقاري الالكتروني؛ لعدة أسباب من ضمنها "قلة التكلفة وسرعة النتائج"، ولكن مع تطور تقنيات التسويق الإلكتروني، وانتشار شركات التسويق العقاري في العالم كله لدرجة تصل إلى التشبع، صار من الضروري فتح أسواق جديدة من خلال استخدام تقنيات وأنواع تسويقية فريدة، تبهر العميل وتدفعه إلى الشراء! 


Topics: التسويق العقاري الحديث, التسويق العقاري, التسويق الداخل وعلاقته بالتسويق العقاري

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