What Are the Benefits of Multi-Channel Digital Strategy for Your Business Marketing?

Posted by Hadeer Essam on Mar 29, 2018 1:24:33 PM

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Every day, more and more new technologies are being created. They are released one after the other encouraging people to get themselves involved with the new advances. It is quite difficult to avoid feeling attracted to all these new technologies since they open a whole new world of possibilities in front of us. Possibilities of having new sources of information, as well as finding new ways to spread information making it very easy to have access to a virtually infinite number of individuals with which we can communicate.

In order for our business to be able to communicate effectively with our customers and be updated with new tendencies in marketing as well as be able to understand how the necessities of such customers can change and evolve, it has become necessary for us to take advantage of using multi-channel digital marketing and be updated with all these fluctuations. By taking advantage of these tools that have been placed within the reach of our hands, we are going to improve the way our business is presented and the way people can get to us.

Digital Marketing is the term used to address all marketing activities that are performed using a digital platform. Internet is the key word in Digital Marketing since, nowadays; people spend long periods of time using electronic devices that are usually connected to the internet. You are able to run an endless number of errant online like banking, paying bills, and of course, marketing besides spending a lot of time managing your social media, reading the news, watching music videos, among many other activities. People are online even when they are not using their smartphones or tables since current electronic devices are always connected to the internet. This is the main reason why Multi-Channel Digital Strategies will significantly improve your business marketing.

What is Multi-Channel Marketing?

Before getting any deeper into the advantages of Multi-Channel Digital Marketing we first need to understand and get familiarized with What Multi-Channel Digital Marketing is. Studies have shown that nowadays the average adult is being taught to use at least 4 different kinds of devices in order to be connected to internet, each one of them providing different alternatives to please their needs. Since business need to always be communicated with costumers, it has become of great importance for us to understand this essential element that is being experienced by the user. The main purpose is to try to design our strategies in marketing according to it.

Multi-Channel Digital Strategies for your Business Marketing

One of the most important benefits of multi-channel marketing is Channel-Preference. It is now well known that different people usually have more receptivity to communication from different channels. E-mail, text messages, phone calls, mobile push notifications, even Facebook are just some of the options of existent channels. Assessing which channels are more highly regarded by the users will greatly help you make the right calls in order to enhance the way people respond to your campaigns. This is not only beneficial, but it has also become a great way to achieve a wider range of customers.

Another important benefit is called Channel Medium which is understanding that there are a lot of different messages and ways of how to communicate, making it only logical to assume that different messages work undoubtedly better for different channel. These channels can be e-mails if you need to address to a specific kind of customers or text messages for faster reactions. And if what you need is for information to go viral and to reach the largest amount of people possible, we insistently suggest you to use Facebook for such objective.

There is also a Multi-Channel Variety. For this we need to be aware of the fact that our brain is wired in order to understand what information is important to us and prioritize that information by categorizing it as well as knowing for sure what kind of information is not that useful and needs to be immediately discarded. If our brain did not have this amazing ability, our brains would be overwhelmed with a lot of information that our brain would not know what to do with not allowing it to function correctly. So, in order to convince our potential consumers’ brains it is mandatory to use repetition in our marketing resources. This can be achieved by taking advantage of the fact that our customers are usually connected through different channels and using such different channels to reinforce the information our business is looking forward to share. Since repeating important information through only one channel is not as effective as doing it through different channels.

The elements that you need to put into practices along with these strategies are:

  • Setting a goal: First you need to make a call and decide what your priorities is as well as knowing the kind of people you will be addressing to. This will definitely help you organize your ideas.

  • Marketing Funnel: This is the way how you organize the steps that you future clients will take in order to complete a full buying cycle in your business. Those steps will take them from being a regular person to becoming a lead and then to a customer.

  • Develop a call to action: a call to action or CTA is way to get people attracted to your website or blog through a link, or magnet and then to make them register to a newsletter or e-magazine in order to inprove the amount of traffic that your business need. For this, it is necessaries for you to apply this information and create the best magnet so you are able to direct the proper public target so your business can grow.

So, as we can appreciate, Multi-Channel Digital Strategies like the ones we previously mentioned have lot of benefits and these are only some of them, as you employ these strategies you will find out that there is a lot more to it and you will find your business reaching a much wider range of customers. It is also important to know that there are some challenges too, like not only being able to reach the costumers through text messages and e-mails, it is also important to personalize the information provided in order for it to be better processed by the costumers.

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