How to build Your Real Estate marketing mix?

Posted by Hadeer Essam on Mar 5, 2017 4:25:36 PM


The real estate industry in Egypt is reaching an inflation that may follow the current growth in the industry. Studies have shown that this bubble may continue until the next year as the property growth rates have reached 15% according to the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation.


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5 Real Estate Marketing Ideas in Egypt to boost your business

Posted by Hadeer Essam on Mar 5, 2017 4:24:59 PM

While we are studying the latest trends used by digital marketing agencies in Egypt, we found some innovative real estate marketing ideas in Egypt that give any business 'The Edge' over the competition.


Those ideas, when applied appropriately, will generate more prospects and make it less difficult to transform leads into clients.


Topics: Real Estate marketing ideas, Real Esatet indutsry in Egypt, Real Estate

The difference between objectives and KPIs in Digital Marketing

Posted by Nada Ezz on Mar 5, 2017 4:23:54 PM

It's that time of the month/year where you as a digital marketer, social media specialist, SEO specialist or a content writer is asked to hand in a report to your manager.

Have you achieved what's expected? Have your marketing campaign efforts paid off? Are you both on the same track?


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How to identify your ideal real estate client

Posted by Mayar Sabry on Mar 5, 2017 4:14:04 PM

 Well we all know that finding your ideal your customer is no walk in the park. In business, generally recognizing the characteristics, attitudes and behaviors of the “primary customer” is crucial for a successful marketing campaign.


Topics: Real Estate marketing ideas, Real Esatet indutsry in Egypt, ideal real estate client, Real Estate, Real estate marketing

Top 5 LinkedIn Tips for Real Estate professionals in Egypt

Posted by Mayar Sabry on Mar 5, 2017 2:49:07 PM
For the recent years, LinkedIn has proven to be the social media platform for professionals from all around the world.
It used the power of new media and its capabilities to bring people together in the business domain.
It brought and engaged professionals from different industries and dramatically changed the way companies search and hire new talents.


Topics: Real Esatet indutsry in Egypt, Linkedin tips, Real Estate, Real estate marketing

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