How-To Nail THAT digital Marketing Job interview

Posted by Nada Ezz on Mar 5, 2017 4:24:30 PM

You have probably done many job interviews, waiting so patiently for a response but you hear nothing in a week, two or even a month. This keeps you wondering, what went wrong? How bad was it? 


Topics: Digital Marketing, Interview, how to get job in digital marketing, career path in digital marketing

How to progress your digital marketing learning path

Posted by Hidy Rostom on Mar 5, 2017 4:13:15 PM

Now you took the course everyone has been telling you about!

“It’s the course to sign up for!”

“If you don’t have this course on your résumé , you won’t get hired !”

“This course is a no brainer!”


Topics: Digital Marketing, digital marketing courses, career path in digital marketing, how to get job in digital marketing, digital marketing learning path

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