The Secret Why Your Website Traffic is Slow

Posted by Hadeer Essam on Jul 1, 2018 4:35:55 PM

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The reasons why your website is not getting enough traffic can vary and currently, there are thousands of people wondering about this very same issue and looking for information on different SEO forums. However, the good news is that, despite not being very simple, there is an answer to why your website is not getting traffic, or an explanation to be more precise.  

Factors like how old the domain is, number and type of reference or incoming links, content freshness and social media strategy play important roles. Nevertheless, in the case of common websites, the issue rests in areas different than these. This is why we have put together, in this article, the areas that are normally neglected either because you are not aware of their importance or maybe because you are unsure of how to handle them.

So, before getting started, it is very important to understand that making changes in your web site won’t show instant results. For the way it normally works, you will be able to see the benefits of the negative results in a couple of months. This means that you will need to be patient before considering that something is not working for your website.

  • Your Content is not Good EnoughYou need to be are of the fact that the most important search engines have become very efficient in organizing and recognizing content. This means that if you do not have good content on your web site or your content is not high-quality, your website will have problems trying to place itself on good positions and raking high in the SERPs which will result in decrease of traffic for your website.

In the past, people could send some backlinks to their websites and it made it very easy to fool the systems in order to rank among the top websites and have more traffic, however, this does not work anymore. Social media also plays an important role, even if it is an indirect role, on ranking and traffic. Content that normally attracts visitors to your website satisfies all the SEO copywriting tips that are known to actually work after Panda and Penguin, and that is published on a website that has an existing number of quality or indexed pages.

Content for continuously supporting the same products or copywriting the same articles repeatedly won’t help at all.

  • Competition KeywordsOne of the most common mistakes is to aim for competition keywords and this is one of the reasons why your website is not getting enough traffic. Furthermore, you have to keep in mind that SERPs have only 10 places available for the top websites regarding a single keyword and the most important and popular websites will be aiming for these words, which means that newer or less popular websites won’t have a chance in the competition since there are also tons of new websites, like yours, trying to make a place for themselves with the top rank making even more difficult for you. So, a good way to improve your traffic is to use the Google keyword tool in order to male your keyword research and aim for low competition, long tall keywords. So, when writing about competitive keywords like losing weight, use “how to lose pounds quickly” instead of one of the most famous niche, “how to lose weight fast”. It is even more helpful if you use longer phrase like “how to lose 5 pounds quickly” because this way your niche will have less competition and hence rank higher.
  • Your Website is Slow This is a proven fact since resent studies have shown that people who visit websites that take longer to load are not very eager to go back, on the other hand, the ones who visit fast websites normally choose those websites as their favorites. Moreover, if a person enters a slow website and it does not charge within 5 seconds there is a big chance that the person will just close the window and try another website. So, even if your website gets high traffic from ranking and search engines, when people enter the website and see that it takes time to load, they will just close the window before even giving it the chance to show the content. Improving your website speed will also increase your ranking and enhance the traffic.
  • Hit by a Panda or a PenguinPanda and Penguin are not well known for the average webmaster or blogger, especially the way their algorithmic changes affect the ranking position as well as the traffic that they might be getting from Google. Getting hit by a Panda or a Penguin or any other algorithmic changes will show you a sudden decrease in the traffic of your website. If this happened, there are different actions that you need to take in order to recover your traffic.
  • You need a better SEO firm The internet is plagued with SEO firms that claim that will give your website all the traffic it needs and the truth is that their methods have destroyed all opportunities that your website had to make organic traffic. This is why you might have to check if the current methods that your hired SEO firm is using actually help your website get more traffic or if, on the contrary, it is the reason why you haven’t gotten the proper traffic that your website needs.

When you place all your efforts in creating a great website that is meant to have a lot of traffic but do not receive much, you might feel frustrated and disappointed. You don’t need to worry since you are nor the only one, there are thousands of people that are feeling just like you right now. You just need to be patient since young website have yet to grow in order to become popular and the more quality content you continue adding, the more chances you will have in succeeding.

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