The 4 Proven Keys to Raise your Sales with Inbound Marketing

Posted by Hinar Negm on Mar 21, 2018 3:07:05 PM

Today’s technology has changed how we do business and the way consumers search for products they need. Most of consumers go online to discover some solutions to their problems that helps them make their own decisions about companies they will deal with, or products they will buy.

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Well! There's good news: applying an Inbound Marketing strategy is your perfect solution to attract your target audience's attention and raise your B2B sales conversion rate.

Before you start diving into how to, tips, and tactics to boost and raise your sales with inbound marketing, you need to understand:

  • What is Inbound Marketing?
  • How could Inbound Marketing boost your sales?

 What is Inbound Marketing?

Real time is a new mindset in marketing, and that is what inbound marketing is all about – David Meerman Scott.

Unlike outbound marketing, Inbound Marketing does not need to fight for potential customers attention. Inbound marketing is focused on attracting customers through relevant and helpful content( through online channels like blogs, search engines, and social media) to add value to every stage of  the customer buying journey, which helps them find you.

How could Inbound Marketing boost your sales?

After you've understood the Inbound Marketing Methodology, it’s time to figure out how to raise your sales conversion rate with Inbound Marketing. The main goal of Inbound Methodology, is to attract consumers, generate leads and boost your company sales. Hence, the 4 proven Inbound Marketing keys to raise your sales:


In first place, inbound marketers main role is to attract interested visitors to your website, who are most likely to be converted into leads, then becoming customers- by writing relevant contents to every stage of their buyer journey( through online channels like blogs, search engines, and social media) to increase awareness and sales for your product, and raise your sales conversion rates.


In this stage, you have to convert your visitors into leads by opening conversations that work best with them like website chat, or asking questions in the eBooks and whitepapers download forms, leading to understand your buyer personas problems, to help you provide them with relevant and valuable content.    


Attracted visitors and converted them into leads? Now what? What if these leads are not ready to become customers, you will need to set some lead nurturing campaigns, and email workflows to ensure you are approaching qualified leads at the right time.


So, you succeeded to convert your leads into satisfied customers. Now you have to Keep track of customers deals, questions, comments, and requests – having better customer conversation by getting feedbacks and doing some surveys, to provide your future customers a better services. If you do, they will buy more, stay longer, and become promoters to your company.   

Last, but certainly not least, applying the Inbound Marketing Methodology is your perfect way to grow your business and boost your sales; however if you don’t have a professional marketing team, it’s better to let a professional inbound marketing agency handle the work for your company.  

So, you want to attract and generate more leads? Want to raise your sales conversion rate ?

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