5 Tactics to Improve your Brand Image as Real Estate developer

Posted by Hadeer Essam on Dec 22, 2016 11:43:35 AM

Think about organizations saying that they will "FedEx" it but not sending it via the post office or a person saying "Google it " rather than search it on the internet.

When your customers think of you first when they need to take an action? Does your customers replace a well-known verb in the language you’re your brand name? Like "Google it".

Whether it's a buy or a use within your product or service category. You build awareness by a consistent exposure of a product or service over time in your customers’ mind.

This is a huge standpoint in the market when your clients enter the Decision stage and your brand immediately comes to their mind first.

The Impact of Branding your Real Estate Business in Egypt


In Egypt, to improve your brand image for your real estate can be vital to the success of your Business. In this Blog, we will explain where a real estate marketing executive should work. We will show how they should gain the visibility they are looking for to improve brand identity for real estate.

While creating a high effect presence for a real estate takes a huge coordination, branding demands a comprehensive approach, rooted in a strong strategy.

A huge experience is required when working in the Real Estate Industry in Egypt understanding the needs of both residential and commercial use. In addition to this, a deep awareness of branding your real estate business is essential to bring successful projects to the market.

So to make sure that your customer thinks of your brand first when buying or investing in Real Estate. Here are 5 ways to do so:

Provide your Clients a value

Nowadays customers are expecting something more than just a product or a service. They need an on-going value to become well-respected in their minds within your category. This concept led many Real Estate Companies in Egypt to think of ways to involve the customer in every step.  Creating ways to delight them and build long term relationship by providing more value.

Don't be out of sight

"Out of sight is out of mind" this is a real business fact. Which means that if you are not reminding your target market that you are actively doing business, they will forget all about you. So always be consistent and show your business.

Delight your Customers

 A very satisfied customers have a repurchase rate from 3 to10 times higher than that somewhat satisfied customer, which means that if you’ve made sure to delight your customers they’re more likely to continue working with your organization in the future and spend more money with you.

To delight your customer is to go the extra mile for them and provide and added value. But the great thing is that value doesn’t end with the customer interaction. When you delight your customers, it ends up coming full-circle back to your organization. 

Use the same Visuals in all your marketing material

This tip seems to be clear but sometimes overlooked by marketing experts. In lots of marketing events, shows or online talks some might miss including the most important visual "company logo: in their brochure for example.

When you use the same visuals for all your Real estate business (website Blog, E-signature, newsletter banners) Offline and Online marketing material; its one Extra way you’ll be recognizable to your target market.

Write a blog about your Real Estate business

You may be wondering if blogging should be a part of your marketing plan or not. You also may have heard that blogging will improve your business website rank on search engine and drive you more visits to your website. This is all true. There is a lot of opportunities in Egypt in the Real Estate Industry that could be obtained by blogging and positioning your brand as an industry leader.

Give your business an extra source to connect with your potential customers by building the better long relationship that your competitors are missing.

the real estate marketing professionals face major challenges in the real Estate Industry. Here's a glance of  today's challenges and their best practices to solve them.

Your online presence needs to follow your customers' directions which are moving towards technology and innovation. It's also worth your time and effort to check the Beginner's Guide To Take Your Real Estate Marketing To The Next Level. 

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