How to Use Marketing to Inspire your consumers Decision-Making Process

Posted by Hinar Negm on Mar 21, 2018 3:05:27 PM

We are all hitting by the fact that, managers are always making decisions in business based on their experiences.

There is nothing wrong with their experiences, but a successful marketing strategy plan can help you overcome one of the biggest challenges that face your consumers decision-making process, having not enough information; and generate more leads by helping you define your target audience and gain a clearer understanding of their needs and the market best practices.

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Before you start taking decisions in your business, you need to define and understand who is your target audience which is also known as Buyer Persona, and it is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers.

Do you know, now,  that your buyer personas have their own decision-making process before buying any product or service? This process is known as the Buyer’s Journey, and it consists of three main stages:

  1. Awareness Stage: The buyer realizes having a problem.
  2. Consideration Stage: The buyer defines problem and researches for options to solve it.
  3. Decision Stage: The buyer chooses a solution.

Keep in mind that having a buyer persona helps you to target your marketing efforts at each stage of your buyer’s journey by aligning with specific needs, problems, and preferences. After all, there are many effective inbound marketing tactics that will help you to impact every stage of your consumer decision process to generate more leads.

Here are some of them:

Improving your website’s search engine optimization (SEO):

Here is how:

  • Raise awareness of your business.
  • Provide information about your company, products and services to help your buyer research.


Business blogging is a marketing tactic to get your business more of online visibility, and generate more leads. It’s all about writing content that’s relevant to your customers’ buying journey to inform them about your business services, and influence every stage of their decision-making process.

social media platforms:

  • Social media is an effective marketing tool that can raise consumers’ awarenesses of your business. Beyond generating awareness, an active social media presence can also influence consumer research and finally, buying decision.
  • Offer a Live Chat on your website and social media channels to work as a customer service  to help your buyer persona get all information needed about your services, and a real time interactive tool.  
  • Social media platforms are for posting shareable content that’s relevant to your customers’ buying journey, encouraging display ads, and  driving traffic to your website and landing pages.

Social media ads:

Visual ads and contents are effective ways to target interested consumers, or others on their way to a buying decision. Visual ads and contents are most likely to be visited by your target audience; it also can:

  • Generate awareness about your company and services.
  • Drive more traffic to your website, and social media channels.
  • Put your business in front of consumers who still searching for your services.

After all, let’s keep in mind that a successful inbound marketing plan can grow your business, impact your consumer’s decision-making process and generate leads, but providing positive experiences and excellent services is an essential way to extending their pleasant buyer journey and convert them into customers and promoters.

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