How to progress your digital marketing learning path

Posted by Hinar Negm on Mar 5, 2017 4:13:15 PM

Now you took the course everyone has been telling you about!

“It’s the course to sign up for!”

“If you don’t have this course on your résumé , you won’t get hired !”

“This course is a no brainer!”

“How do you want to work in this field without studying this!”

“How do you expect to excel in this business if you don’t get this merit !”

Everyone told you this, didn’t they .You felt compelled and pressured to sign up for that course .

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Not knowing the reasons why. But what you were positive of is ,that it’s an obligation, to excel in the field you chose. Fast forward, 3 to 6 months of hard work and effort, now you have the certificate.


Clueless you , whether you have a job in this field or not .You hang the framed certificate on your wall of  accomplishments , sitting beside her brothers and sisters of certificates .

Without an action plan after taking the course automatically makes it absolutely worthless . If you don’t have a reason to sign up for a course or have no action plan after . SAVE YOUR MONEY!!

There are two stages to address here , pre and post course

Pre signing up for the course you should do the following;


Assess your career

Your Career path , assess it in terms of needs .Define it very well .Your areas of development .Get your career priorities straight ; Training needs, education path, progression steps ,values and skills to adopt .


Assess your current Career potential

Whether you’re still starting out in this field, or you’ve been working for almost 2 years , reflect on where you were , where do you currently stand and where do you want to go from here .Answering those reflection questions will give you a clearer vision of the bigger picture of your career ,which makes us move on to the essential part of setting a Career mission.


Get Mentored

Find an industry mentor, research and ask , why would you need this course and how will it benefit you ? got your answers , ready to take that step. Go in wholeheartedly without any hesitation.

Now you took the digital media courses .You studied all major domains of online marketing .After grasping all the concepts ,you should consider developing expertise in a particular domain.


You must have grew fond of a specific domain while studying .You can go with one of two options , either become a domain specialist or have an overall expertise  , and basically become a Digital Marketing Expert in Egypt.

 Top online marketing desired profiles in Egypt currently are Digital Marketer,Content Marketer, SEO Specialist, Social Media Marketer and PPC Specialist.



The following are the steps to take in the post course stage.

Practical experience is the only way you know the worth of what you just learned .You have to apply what you learned .Learning by doing has proved effective over decades.


  • Get Experience

If you’re unemployed, get an internship.

If you already have a job in the field , reflect on the learnings of the course and report back to your team leader , discuss how you can apply it in your business scope .Plan and Implement .

If you find it hard to get an internship, or you tried your luck but it didn’t strike. Experiment on yourself .Be Your Own Project ,YOUR WEBSITE ,BLOG or SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNEL!!

This will give you a vast space for trial and error .Apply what you learned and analyze analyze analyze .You know what else you can do ,OFFER HELP!

Your friends or family ,whoever has a small business in need of an elevated web presence .

Employers are often impressed by drive, passion and interest.



“Networking is marketing. Marketing yourself, marketing your uniqueness, marketing what you stand for.” That’s on one hand but on the other, “You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.”

Connecting to local professionals in the digital marketing sector will help you progress your digital marketing learning path and career as well in Egypt  .

But be picky in terms of character , befriend the ambitious passionate ones.

Surrounding yourself with professionals who are passionate about what they do, will certainly drive you to work harder and inspire you to keep on top of the current trends .

If not at network events or gatherings then digitally through Linkedin or Twitter.

Being known in those circles will keep you updated when job opportunities arise.

It’s absolutely a must to form strong relationships and you have to acquire that mentor that we talked about earlier , someone who’s trustworthy and can steer you in the right direction.


  • BE A FAN , A BIG ONE ! 

We all have our favorite band , actor , actress , singer …etc , you better have a favorite in your field as well .Influencers you follow online whom you admire .

This definitely will show how passionate ,driven and involved you are in the industry .

If you love digital marketing , you should be aware of the BIG NAMES , the kim kardashians of Digital Marketing .Follow them on social media , listen to their podcasts and watch their videos .

Whatever I mentioned above , won’t be of value to you , unless YOU WORK ON IT!

Build your personal brand , try and fail , try again , fail again , every time you’ll find yourself adjusting something that will lead you to a clearer understanding of your path .

Take a risky shot here and there , some will strike and some will backfire , C’est la vie !

Happens in all fields , but that shouldn’t stop you from learning , Never Ever Stop Learning !

Without putting the info you gain from books to use , their value becomes uniform but when implemented on real grounds , that value grows exponentially .Get Up and START NOW!

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