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Posted by Mayar Sabry on Mar 5, 2017 4:24:30 PM
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You have probably done many job interviews, waiting so patiently for a response but you hear nothing in a week, two or even a month. This keeps you wondering, what went wrong? How bad was it? 



Even though you might have the experience and all digital marketing skills needed for a job in any digital marketing agency in Egypt, Before going for an interview make sure you know a few points to help you outstand other candidates applying for the same position.

Having a perfect digital marketing CV and a well-written cover letter are not enough.  Even a well experienced digital marketer can be nervous when interviewing for a new job and fail at impressing the panelists.

 One thing you have to keep in mind that the company needs you as much as you need them. They wouldn't have called for candidates if they didn't need them, would they? But what went wrong?

To get through this nervousness, we have discussed some points below on how to nail that digital marketing job interview and impress your employer. 



It wouldn't be fair if you had it all but no one called you for an interview considering that your CV is not appealing for your employer or recruiting agency. 

Your CV is your one-way ticket to the interview you either get called for the interview or not.

Make sure it's specific and tailored for the position, don't just copy-paste. Tailor your CV showing off your skills of expertise, qualifications and strength points that are suitable for the job. 

A well-written CV doesn't have to be long and stuffed with irrelevant past experience and courses that won't help with your digital marketing job. 

Before applying to any digital marketing job, tailor your CV and make it standout among other applicants but never add false information just to get to the interview.

Believe me, once the employer figures out it's not true, it will leave an undesired impression and you won't be shortlisted for the next phase. 


Don't bother going for the interview if you know nothing about the company or the job role. This shows a poor indication to the employer.

You are applying for a digital marketing position, so the least you can do is look up for their social media accounts on various platforms and get a brief about their current situation.

For example, you can run a website grader using Hubspot's Website Grader tool, to have a better knowledge about the company's website. 

Two things any employer will look for in any digital marketing candidate, the passion for the job and the effective online research.

Your research should be mainly done to figure out how your experience will fit into this role, what industry are you applying for and what have they done so far regarding their online presence. 

After you have done your research,  write down a few brief points on how can you add to their online presence. This may also include how your past experience and/or skills can help them get what they are looking for. 


Research and preparation is not just a one-way procedure done by you before going for that interview. Guess what, the employer does the same thing for you too. They start looking for you on all social media platforms especially LinkedIn.

Make sure you have a strong and updated online presence. If you are a blogger, make sure they can access that blog to read off some articles before getting into the interview. 

Data from an AdWeek survey shows that:

  • 47% of employers look at a candidate’s social media profiles after receiving their application
  • 27% check a candidate’s social media profiles after their first interview
  • 15% check after their second interview with a candidate
  • 4% check just before making a job offer

Perfect your social media accounts so that you wouldn't miss an opportunity for any digital marketing job interview. 


Having the passion for the job is the secret. You might not have all the experience needed for the job, but your eagerness, to learn and get the job done ,might actually get you short-listed.

You can showcase your skills at your own time, perhaps by creating a blog showing off your writing and SEO skills. 

When interviewing for any job, your employer is not looking at your experience and professional skills only. He or she also focuses on whether you are a good fit to the company's culture or not. Be as you are, even if you haven't got all the skills required for the job.

You might impress them with your personality and eagerness to enhance those missing skills. 


Being in the digital marketing field, makes you feel a bit flexible with the surrounding culture but this doesn't allow you to forget the following job interview rules:

  • Make a great first impression, greet everyone and introduce yourself politely.
  • Dress to impress, spend some time looking for a suitable outfit for the interview. Don't over-dress though.
  • Be on time for the interview (though it would be better if you arrive 10 mins earlier), don't forget to get extra copies of your CV. 
  • Don't ever speak negatively about your previous employers. 

 As the saying goes "Hard work pays off", so if you prepared well for the interview ,you are more likely to nail it.

Take enough time in your research and preparation phase but never go unprepared. If you wan t to know what skills any digital marketer should have, this blog might help you. 






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