How to identify your ideal real estate client

Posted by Mayar Sabry on Sep 19, 2018 10:43:00 AM
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 Well we all know that finding your ideal customer is no walk in the park. In business, generally recognizing the characteristics, attitude and behavior of the “primary customer” is crucial for a successful marketing campaign.

Companies that fail to consider which audience is most likely to become their loyal customers miss out on worthy growth opportunities.

But in order to find your ideal customer, you need to determine who the absolute fitting customer is.

Going in a market blindly, not grasping what you’re searching for, will end drastically. Meaning you end up with anyone who’ll say yes regardless of what they want or what you need ,and that’s what we call a bad or an unqualified lead .

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A bad lead entails at least one of the following points:

  • Poor fit – your interests as a seller and a buyer are not aligned.
  • No need – the lead has no pressing need for your product/ service.
  • Unqualified lead – the lead doesn’t fit your ideal customer profile, should have been disqualified earlier.
  • Timing – now is not a good time for the lead to buy, might be worth revisiting in the future.
  • Competitor – the lead has decided to go with your competitor.
  • Feature – the lead is looking for a specific product feature that you haven’t built yet.
  • Price – your product is simply too expensive or too cheap for the lead to purchase.

What you need to be looking for is the good lead; your golden customer who matches your buyer persona, based on who you want to target and how you want to benefit them in your own unique way.


According to HubSpotbuyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers. When creating your buyer persona(s), consider including customer demographics, behavior patterns, motivations, and goals. The more detailed you are, the better.

one of the real estate marketing problems in Egypt is that if you don’t have a particular niche and you’re selling all sorts of property,you'll be losing lots of good opportunities. Therefore, you’ll need to ask yourself several questions in order to describe the characteristics of your chosen one “Ideal Customer”.

  • What brings them joy?
  • What are they worried about?
  • What challenges do they face?
  • What do they hope to gain from us?
  • What goals are they striving to attain?
  • What experience thrills them?
  • Where do they get their information?
  • Who do they trust most?

A list of well put questions by DuctTapeMarketing which they highly recommend. To button down the wants and needs ,once those questions are thoroughly answered.

You should start by visualizing your customer buying your product. Imagine real life customers and take advantage of that image! Start describing them as you approach each question.

  • Joy: When you think about joy and people, your mind will turn blue and green. Blue for the sea and green for the beautiful gardens .If both can be combined in one scenery, it would be the best vacation spot ever! Monitor vacation and recreation seekers, what are the conditions they're looking for in their summer or spring breaks from life hassles?

  • Worry: The first thing people moving from Alexandria to Cairo think is , location location location, of the property of course . The convenience dilemma. How far is it from their workplace, gym, metro station and supermarket? Also the security of the neighborhood .Is it a kid friendly area? Pay close attention to what’s considered a convenience issue for your customers.

  • Challenges: I found the perfect place BUT it’s above my BUDGET! This is one of the most common challenges your customer might face. You should be able to grasp what hinders your customer from making the final purchasing decision and be able to provide a solution.

  • Hopes and Dreams: Well, one thing they do hope , is that you offer a solution for their challenges and not any solution, a practical one that fits both parties .You need to be able to solve their dilemmas and over deliver on that as well.

  • Goals: When it comes to goals, people seek the absolute best, for their money’s worth at least. Nowadays, in Cairo and Alexandria, the culture of compounds has been growing immensely .People see comfort, convenience and security in it .Every compound offers different set of services. Look closely which packages attract which segment, and upon your target, customize your package.

  • Thrilling Experience: What edge are you putting on the table? That extra feature you added might be the one thing that your customer has been seeking throughout his buyer’s journey. Tennis Court, Swimming pool, Gym on site, Green landscape, Shopping Center, Weekly maintenance check …etc .

  • THE SOURCE: The easiest action to take nowadays when conducting a research is to “GOOGLE IT”. The World Wide Web offers us all infinite resources of information regarding anything and everything. A lot of property seekers use it to check the available potential of the market and see for themselves whether it’s a good time or place to invest in.

  • Trust: is definitely a strong word .Customers don’t like being forced or tricked into buying anything. They like to be educated first, and they'll get back to you for more information.

Providing this information freely in blogs on your website, will definitely make you trustworthy, and they wouldn't mind sharing their information with you to get a gated piece of content.

By educating your audience and adding value to their minds, you’ll be able to capture their attention, and the name of your brand will resonate in their minds whenever they think “REAL ESTATE”.


You might already have a good customer base now, but you’re not achieving the desired results.

Don’t be afraid to put those questions in a survey and distribute it among them. The feedback you’ll get will certainly help you visualize how you can identify your ideal real estate client and gain more qualified leads.

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