How to build Your Real Estate marketing mix?

Posted by Hadeer Essam on Sep 19, 2018 8:44:00 AM

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The real estate industry in Egypt is reaching an inflation that may follow the current growth in the industry. Studies have shown that this bubble may continue until next year, as the property growth rates have reached 15% -according to the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation-.

For a long time, Egyptians have been looking for the foreign currencies especially the US Dollar as a safe and reliable heaven for their savings.

But now after the governmental currency reformation, the state of the US dollar rate is called into question, whether investing in it is the best option or not.

However, the real estate market prices decreased by more than 10 %, achieving a low-profit rate since January 2016.

Therefore, the real estate market remains the most attractive investment for those who are looking for long-term earnings.

As the real estate market remains the best choice for investors, many real estate companies are paving their ways to provide a great service .

service of high quality will gain the trust of the customers and achieve high profits in return.

Whether they have an existing marketing team or working with limited resources, developing a marketing real estate plan is essential to their game, especially in the digital age.

Being aware of the real estate online marketing tactics,for example how to identify your ideal client, will give your business an edge over the competition, direct your prospects to a swift choice, and your business into maximizing its profit potential.

To do so, you need to know how to boost your online real estate presence, and make your marketing plan outstanding to accomplish its purposes.

To help you understand how all of that goes into crafting a solid offline and online presence, we’ve created this content, explaining how to establish your presence through building a comprehensive marketing mix.

Why is it important to have a comprehensive real estate marketing mix in place?

A non-existent marketing mix means that your marketing activities are not working in parallel to generate more prospects and high-quality leads worth your time and effort.

Your Marketing Mix should entail:

  • Market Research
  • Offline marketing plan
  • Online marketing plan
  • Measure and Repeat

  • Market Research

This stage is the planning stage where you should be asking yourself questions like: who is your target market? What is your budget and how you are going to optimize your marketing budget for different marketing activities? Where do you stand among competitors and what differentiates your business?

Study these questions with your marketing team very well. Don't over-step this phase as it helps you identify your key messages and craft your business value proposition.

  • Offline marketing Plan

It may appear that the world of digital marketing has nudged traditional offline methods to one side, but despite that, the offline marketing is still playing its role effectively. Proven offline marketing tactics are still the most successful way to build trust, familiarity and gain a personal association with possible prospects.

In this step, you may want to expand your expertise to investing in high-end print collateral, broker events, and direct media.


With so many Digital marketing strategies it might be difficult to choose what could work for your business when planning a rewarding online campaign. Nevertheless establishing a strong valuable online presence is vital. In this section, we have put together an online marketing formula for this marketplace.

  • Set your Website basics

Your website should be filled with information about your brand and what value do you provide to your clients. It may even contain a portfolio of your latest projects and a news section to keep your clients updated.

  • Conduct  an online research

In order to define your online brand position, at first, you will need to identify your target market, past clients or even existing prospects, and develop a way to reach and communicate with them.

  • Set your online strategy

Setting your online strategy based on previous research results will help you establish your social media presence. It will make it easy for you to start conversations with your prospects and engage with them with a very low cost.

  • Create relevant content

Determine what type of content best suits your real estate marketing strategy by studying your audience and delivering what they expect at the right time.

  • Measure and Repeat

Analyzing your metrics will help you measure the success of your marketing campaign and determine a way to track your activities. Optimize your tactics and strategies and then repeat the whole process with Confidence.

At the end, your mission is to integrate all of your marketing activities to create the marketing mix that helps to brand your real estate business, earns you leads, secures your customers, and helps you close deals.


Finally, since you are reading this blog post, you're thinking of creative and cost-effective methods to improve your business recognition.

Your online presence needs to follow your customers' directions which are moving towards technology and innovation. It's also worth your time and effort to check the Beginner's Guide To Take Your Real Estate Marketing To The Next Level. 

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