Bad Digital marketing habits you Need to Get Rid Of

Posted by Hinar Negm on Mar 5, 2017 3:41:14 PM

Everyone is susceptible to adopting bad habits.Some do it unintentionally and others intentionally. Unlike good habits, which take persistence and consistency to develop.

Digital marketing habits tend to move in on you without noticing and soon enough it becomes part of your daily regimen.

Digital Marketing

It's often too late when we finally realize how destructive it is and the impact of its damage has gone too far.In order to change those habits into good ones, we need to first identify those habits and be aware of the depth of the harm done.

Marketers tend to live a dynamic work life. They tend to be malleable, adapting to consumer views and behaviors but some tend to lose it along the way.

Some may turn subjective or product oriented instead of customer oriented which always takes a turn for the worst and the profit margin becomes close to none!

Let us introduce you to the 10 worst habits a marketer can acquire these days, some will sound very familiar to you and we bet your jaw might drop while reading, take your precautions;


  • "OMG, They mentioned us in Youm7 News Magazine!!"

Whether it was a written mention or a video mention by Amr Adeeb on his show, doesn't mean you made it, don't be fooled by the big leagues mentions,yes, it has a recognition significance, no doubt about that , but if doesn't translate to website views, visits, potential leads, marketing leads and sales quality leads then there's still work to be done .

  • "Trust me, this campaign totally works, I can't put a number on it but it works big time "

For some reason, certain marketers fall into one of two common traps, either no metric loop or vanity metric loop.

You have to be obsessed with analyzing the effectiveness of your marketing activities or else you'll be doing it all wrong. On one hand, with no metrics or measurable results, you'll be incapable of acknowledging whether your efforts are getting better or worse.

On the other hand, choosing wrong superficial metrics won't do you good either.Those are considered vanity metrics such as likes, tweets, page views.

You have to pay attention to how those metrics affect stages of the consumer journey. Digital measurement plans should take into consideration how a brand's content influence others. This means searching for opportunities to learn from or engage with our customers.

Grasp an understanding of how communities differ from one channel to another. Drawing an analysis up will allow for exceptional insights than all those showy yet irrelevant numbers many of us marketers love to throw around and brag about. Dig deeper by mapping out the impact of specific content having on the brand's objectives.

  • "Save it, if you got not strategy for it."

Yes content, that's exactly what we're talking about. If you don’t know the purpose behind what you're writing or who you want to reach through it, then it's better to save your efforts.

Content has become a core vital factor when it comes to marketing strategies.But creating content for the content's sake won't fulfill your desired results. A SMART content strategy must be put in place to help you understand who the content is for, as well as when and why they need it.

This will ensure that every single piece of content is designed to achieve a specific goal. When you understand the purpose of each piece of content you create, it becomes easier to plan new content mindfully.

  • "Everyone is doing it, so we should too"


Bandwagon much!! Replicating what everyone is doing just to join in on the hype isn't the way to do it. When social media marketing in Egypt started out as being a popular thing to use, everyone jumped in on it blindly.

All marketers joined twitter and Facebook, creating branded accounts just because some alleged industry experts stated that it was a key to guaranteed success.

Don't impulsively follow a trend, if you don't have a legit reason for every step you take in your action plan then there's no need for it.


If you think it's all about you, Well THINK AGAIN!! It's commonly said that you should highlight the benefits rather than features, but getting overwhelmed with your services and products on a daily basis and forgetting about what your audience care and doesn't care about is a huge NO NO!

Your customers should always be the hero of your story.They are seeking solutions to their problems, if you're not offering any, they won't be interested in engaging with you.


Any automation software, we tend to abuse it.

Set and forget mentality will never serve you right. Whether it's Google Adwords program or social media campaign that you haven't looked at since the beginning of time.

They are probably delivering results and if not, drop them. But if you're not reviewing them on a regular basis, they're probably not performing at their highest potential.

The automation option is there to facilitate the process not to do it for you completely. Modifications need to be done every now and then to be able to withstand the dynamics of the digital world.


If you're lucky enough to get a prospect customer to visit your website, you better make it easy for them to navigate through it.

If they don't find the information they need, they will look for it elsewhere and chances are, they'll become someone's prospect lead but definitely not yours. You don't know where those visitors are coming from and which page they'll land on first or what they're looking.

Design and structure your website to be easy to navigate content that and find constituents they are looking for. In case you do know exactly where the visitors are coming from, which page they’ll land on first, and what they are looking for.

You now have important information that enables you to craft a landing page designed to maximize conversions. After all, driving traffic to your website is good, but getting more of those visitors to take action, such as downloading an e-book or requesting a trial, is much better.

  • "50 Shades of What color is that "

I know how easy it is to get confused or reluctant about which design to choose, which will get you the most responses.

Often obsessing over responsive design almost never gets you nowhere.You should be focusing your attention on content or even better, content-driven design.

The rule of thumb always goes as follows "Content over design anytime any day"

  • "Get me wrench no9 , AGAIN"

Using the same toolbox over and over again gets dull if not for the user, definitely for the one receiving the end result.

The digital world is an ever-changing world, and the technology that accompanies it is constantly changing. Operating with the same toolbox will hold back your company's progression. Audit your tools ,determine which ones you need to hold on to and which you should let go of.

Invest some time to test new tools in the market by setting up trial accounts and see what works for you the most. You have got to be willing to take a chance every now and then and try something new.

  • "Going above and beyond "

Being in the face of your customer everywhere they go, will do more harm than good. Swamping their newsfeed and spamming their emails, guarantees a backfire.

You're under the wrong impression, if you think that the more you do, the more results you're going to yield.Whether you use content templates or follow the best practices in everything.

If it succeeds at first, maintaining it will be difficult and won't be able to sustain any results especially if it exceeds your resources. Assess your resources and accordingly adjust your marketing mix.


It's never too late to reverse all of those bad habits, but you have got to be willing to change and learn.Eagerness to learn, how to overcome them is the key to succeed in this process.

But don't try to adopt all of the good habits at one time or else a relapse is a definite happening. Instead, introduce one good habit and gradually adjust and modify your current bad habits.

Humans are habitual creatures by nature and studies have proven that for one habit to be acquired, takes 21 days.

Give yourself time, write down clearly what habits you want to acquire and which ones you want to get rid of. For more on "How to get rid of your bad marketing habits" Download our beginner's guide.

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