6 Fantastic Ways to Use Facebook in your B2B Marketing

Posted by Hadeer Essam on Jul 19, 2018 1:19:11 PM

Facebook is struggling right now to change the way people perceive it. A person who is normally using Fb in their daily life for communicating with friends and family will have problems trying to figuring out the commercial benefits. However, the average person does not know, or does not realize that there three types of profiles on Facebook:

  • The personal profile which is the one that people commonly create when they enter Fb for the first time
  • Groups communities that are very common for selling products or discussing specific topics or themes
  • Facebook “pages” that are intended for brands and companies

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And at this very moment Facebook is growing as a very important commercial community that, due to the system of Facebook, is perfect for B2C marketing and that it is showing its B2B true potential. This is why we have come up with 6 Amazing Ways to Use Facebook in Your B2B Marketing.

  • “How to…” Tutorials Video Channel

The idea is not just embed videos o publish them in your blog; it is also very important to post them on your Facebook Profile. This can make a great news update to your wall if it happens to be topical. If you are posting videos that show how to use equipment or devices, or that explains any complicated concept in a visual way, just create a separate Facebook TAB. This will provides a quick click to your online video library of tutorials and other educational videos.

  • Provide News Updates in your Field

Providing news updates in the specific field where you are offering a specific product or service, will help your post be shared and seen by the people that might be interested in what you offer while, at the same time, they are updated in the field which will keep them much more interested for longer periods of time and this will bring you more traffic to your profile. And everybody knows that the greater the traffic, the greeted the sales.

  • Always Work Towards Increasing the Amount of Likes in Your Profile

In Facebook, the likes are vital. They have the same important as the email subscriber lists. It is of enormous importance for you to be able to make your subscribers or followers provide you with their email address and this way your email acquisition rate will be drastically improved. As an example, there are sites that offer different content elements in exchange of a “like”. Some of them have free eBooks, newsletters and other kinds of contents created in order to make people more eager to click that “like” button.

  • Getting Lead Generation by Capturing Email Subscriptions

There is a very important phenomenon called “the new shiny toy” syndrome, which is nothing more than the need of people for being able to put their hands of the newest features that are usually provided by the different social media companies. It also works great for social media marketing since Facebook has provided the companies with incredible tools for capturing email subscriptions in order to make your marketing process go on. This has incredibly benefited not only B2C marketing but B2B marketing thanks to the easiness of gathering this kinds of information like the so important email subscriptions.

  • Targeting Decision Makers

There different ways in which you can target decision makers however some are more efficient that others and that is why we will discuss one of the most efficient methods. Targeting decision makers can be achieved through paid advertising on Facebook. You will be able to achieve tight demographic targeting via Facebook’s self-service advertising feature and they are known to be one of the easiest ways of advertising. This is why it has become quite popular and it is now gaining more and more popularity.

  • Market Research and Surveys

Getting information from prospects as well as customers is crucial in order to understand what is important for them and what they are looking for and it gives us invaluable information as feedback that can be used for bring more products and services to the market. Facebook has many features and one of the most important ones for marketing is a simple but free question tool that is can be normally found in the main tab section of your Facebook page. Moreover, for those who are looking forward to knowing newer and more convenient ways of surveying using this feature, there is a Facebook app called “Survey Monkey”. It makes it very easy to run market surveys without having to build your own survey from 0.


These are the most popular and efficient ways to use Facebook for your B2B Marketing. However, it is very important for you to know that these are not the only ones available. For finishing the article we will be mentioning in order to provide you with a wider perspective and use your own methodology for taking advantage of Facebook as a B2B marketing social media. Some company hires experts and posts their opinions regarding their products on their Facebook page. Another interesting way is a method that says that creating content that can be shared will be more efficient since people usually trust their families and peers up to a 90% but, on the other hand, the trust marketing ads and posts only a 14%, meaning that you always need to create amazing content for videos pictures and posts since that will be the way of making yourself become viral through the share of your content. You also need to take into consideration that social media has changed the way that people perceive and reacts to marketing. People, nowadays prefer to see a more human environment than a formal, cooperative attitude. Another great idea is, considering how much people love using Facebook, to bring the customer service on Facebook instead of leading them to another platform, they will feel more comfortable just by being on Facebook.

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