5 Tips to Integrate Sales and Marketing in your Business

Posted by Hinar Negm on Apr 11, 2018 10:45:07 AM


Every Time you walk into a business meeting, you find out that sales and marketing data doesn't match? Then, teams start to play the blaming game, and spend hours trying to discover what’s going on and what insights are actionable. Does it happen daily?

So, have you ever wondered, about the reasons of the ongoing conflicts between the sales team and the marketing team in your company, the impact of these ongoing conflicts on your business and revenue, and solutions to Align both of sales and marketing teams in your Business and get them on the same page.

For many companies, marketing team’s job is to generate more leads, and sales team’s job is to turn those leads into customers. In fact, both teams need to work as one team, aligning their roles and goals to ensure that the company ROI becomes the responsibility of both teams.

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A recent  Sirius Decisions pollof 300 sales leaders highlights that: “The top third of the sales cycle has gone away. Salespeople believe that the beginning of the traditional sales process has evaporated and that buyers are self-servicing their needs instead of engaging with salespeople.”

Also, the latest statistics approved that: “organizations with good Sales and Marketing alignment achieve 27% faster three-year profit growth, they also close 38% more deals, and businesses with effective Sales and Marketing alignment achieved 208% higher marketing revenue than organizations with disjointed teams.”

Well, sales leaders now realize that buying and buyer’s behaviour has changed consequently, sales now need marketing more than ever to implement the best engagement practices with the target audiences. As has been noted, the alignment between both teams will reduce the miscommunication between both teams about defining the “sales-ready lead” needed, help your marketing team getting qualified sales-ready leads, also will help your sales team being more focused and more strategic.

let me tell you some of this alignment advantages:  

  1. Marketing campaigns will focus on the most beneficial topics and channels.
  2. Sales team will have a higher volume of well-qualified, sales-ready leads.
  3. Sales have the correct quantity and quality of content needed to convince sales-ready leads and convert them into customers.
  4. Marketing team deliver a marketplace research and insights that improve selling effectiveness and boost the sales conversion rate.
  5. Analyse the results of sales and marketing teams for a continuous improvement of both

We all agree that one of the biggest disagreements between sales professionals and marketing professionals is the quality of leads. Therefore, Marketing team and Sales team should work together to define their goals, respective roles, and how to define lead as a sales-ready lead. teams’ performance. Think of it. Isn’t time to integrate Sales and Marketing in your business?

Asking yourself how to start? Then, follow these 5 Tips to Integrate Sales and Marketing in your Business:

  1. Speak the same language: both teams have to share the same goal and it all comes down to revenue and raising of the company sales conversion rate.  
  2. Set up closed-loop reporting: help bridge the feedback gap between both of Marketing and Sales teams, to allow you: get feedback from Sales, benefits for Marketing , get up to date contact information, learn which marketing programs are effective and which aren’t, increase your company ROI , and increase your company close rate and Sales ROI.
  3. Implement a Service Level Agreement: most important factor in creating an effective repeatable revenue machine, it defines what each team commits to accomplishing in order to support the other team and achieve your company goals.
  4. Maintain open communication: both teams have to attend an ongoing meetings, to communicate and get on the same page about: the team successes, product info, and persona education. Also Sales and Marketing managers have to attend to discuss topics in depth and resolve issues in both teams.
  5. CRM integration:You no longer have to waste time entering people in the database.Integrating your sales and marketing team’ data in the same CRM software, will make it easy for both teams to leverage lead intelligence, and get data on if these leads could be converted into customers.

As can be seen, it comes down to looking at the cliché not as offense wins games, defense wins championships, but simply, the best TEAM wins. Obviously, Sales and Marketing Alignment is the DNA of high-performing companies.

So, it’s time to step forward and integrate the  Sales and Marketing in your Business, and generate your qualified sales-ready leads.

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