5 Tactics To Generate More Customers And Qualified Leads To Your Business

Posted by Mayar Sabry on Mar 21, 2018 3:09:38 PM
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Lead capturing is similar to fishing

Generating qualified leads, who will turn into customers was never an easy task! Capturing the right leads is like fishing, you have to understand everything about your potential customers needs and also be patient in order to push them down your sales funnel.

1.Optimize The  Landing Page Of Your Marketing Campaign

When working on a campaign to generate more B2B qualified leads, you try to attract the biggest number of your target audience to visit your website and convert them into leads by filling-in a form to get the valuable content offer you’re providing them.

One of the biggest mistakes is to make your homepage as the landing page! When trying to convert your visitors into potential customers -leads, you definitely want them to take an action that is, undoubtedly, not in your homepage! Create a relevant landing page to the content that attracted your visitors to encourage them taking an action.

Make your landing page to the point: don’t put too much text, use bullet points instead, to emphasize the important information your visitor is looking for. Avoid putting unnecessary links to cut-off any sort of distraction.

The design of your landing page must be appealing, and the same goes to the design of your CTA (call to action). According to Unbounce, 90% of visitors read your headline and your CTA. Make sure your landing page is clear, well organized and delivers all important information about what you’re offering for your visitors to convert.

You can count on Neil Patel’s blog to know the best practices for creating a landing page that converts.

2.Optimize Your Form

Let’s face it! All of us bounced from a website just because the form was too long or requiring filling-in information that doesn’t meet the value of what we’re getting after filling it in.

Make sure the info collected in the form are relevant to the value users are getting out of. Such information will help you later on send them customized content helping them overcome their business challenges.

Also make sure to place your form above the fold of your landing page, so that users can find it easily without having to scroll down to access it. One of the best tricks to generate more qualified leads and let them fill in your form is to include a call-to-action right above it to encourage them taking your content offer.

3. Create Content Offers And Lead Magnet

If you can help the business you’re targeting with a non-paid solution, such as a tool or a template that will enable them to work better then why not offer it to them?

You can create content offers and add them to your pieces of content, so that those interested in your content can download it. What even more, if you know a tool that will help your target customer working efficiently, you can create a piece of content to explain how it can assist your target customers working better.

4. Improve Your Online Reviews

87% of B2B decision-makers browse online before purchasing. Reviews are a very powerful method to generate more qualified leads to your business. Even if your business doesn’t have a big number of clients, you can ask your current ones to write an online review about how your firm is supporting them.

But don’t buy reviews! This can severely affect your business’ reputation, if discovered. Instead, use a tool such as NPS -Net Promoter Score:  it’s a management tool that can be used to gauge the loyalty of a firm's customer relationships. NPS serves as an alternative to traditional customer satisfaction research and claims to be correlated with revenue growth.

5. Use Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is the secret to put all your efforts together! Instead of wasting your time working on each channel separately and hiring a huge number of staff to do this work, all you have to do is to get a marketing automation software helping you manage all your resources from one platform: your website and your social media accounts on different channels. You can just schedule the work and it will be posted to the channel of your choice at the time you choose. This is not magic! this is Marketing Automation! This is what softwares such as HubSpot and Marketo do!

To cut it short, generating more qualified leads for your business isn’t just about attracting high traffic to your website or your social media channels, it’s about attracting the right buyer persona to your business. This requires aligning your efforts to match this goal. Start your plan and take advantage of the previous tactics so that you end up achieving your goal.

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