4 Must Have Skills your marketing Staff Should Learn

Posted by Mayar Sabry on Apr 22, 2018 12:43:54 PM
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Some businesses think that if they offer an outstanding product or service, they will definitely drive a huge amount of sales, which is not the case at all!

You can provide the greatest product or service of all times and still don’t close a single deal if you don’t have a skillful marketing team who can create a high-quality marketing strategy, implement it and keep the evaluation and optimization going all the time.

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To excel your marketing performance, your team has to master some skills that we’re going to explore in the coming paragraphs to help you drive the best results out of your marketing efforts.

Content creation

Creating content that converts is a very highly demanded skill that your staff should master. Content marketing will help you rank higher in the search engine result pages and will drive more traffic to your website, which means: more qualified leads! Create different types of content, whether eBooks, blog posts, videos or infographics that are relevant to your buyer personas to let them go down your sales funnel.

SEO skills

SEO goes along with the content marketing, your marketing staff have to learn SEO skills to be able to determine the keywords for which you can rank on the first page of results. Yous should look for the relevant keywords to your buyer personas through the different stages of their buyer’s journey, then look for the difficulty and your opportunities to rank using these keywords then, start creating content around those keywords and publish them! Always keep up to date with the updates of search engines algorithms to make sure you always rank among the first page results

Data analysis

According to the “Must Have Marketing Skills by Venngage in 2017”, Data Analysis, content marketing and SEO are among the most important marketing skills to have in 2018 and beyond. With the huge amount of data, you can improve your targeting and even the messages you send to your audience to move them closer to get your service or product.

Analytics are also important for continuous improvement of your work, if you launch a campaign and cannot analyse its results then your efforts are worthless!

Marketing Automation

As managing each of your channel on its own became a very difficult task to be done, marketing automation softwares are taking over the marketing world to make marketers’ lives easier!

Marketing automation softwares help you manage your website, your email marketing campaigns, your content, your social media, your SEO efforts as well as your CRM -customer relationship management- from one dashboard!

You can let your marketing staff take benefit of the free certifications those platforms -such as HubSpot, Marketo , SalesForce and HootSuite- offer, this will increase their knowledge at marketing and will also help you decide which of these softwares works best for you.


Digital marketing is one of the fastest evolving careers. If you want your marketing team to be savvy, then you have to put them on the right track and encourage them to learn something new in the field on daily basis, this is your only way to have an outstanding marketing performance!

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