2 Inspiring Manufacturing Marketing Success Stories

Posted by Mayar Sabry on May 2, 2018 4:19:15 PM
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Manufacturing is an industry that counts mainly on strong relationships between the manufacturers and the buyer to whom they provide their product. Many of the industrial organizations rely heavily on a direct  distribution or dealer sales force for growth. But why would a manufacturer need digital marketing? There are various actions that marketing can do for the manufacturers; from updating the website to creating remarkable content, to increasing the conversion rate all along the sales funnel and many more…

We’re going to explore 2 remarkable case studies showing how inbound marketing helped manufacturing companies skyrocket their performances.

The first case study we’ll explore is Northern Engraving’s.

Northern Engraving

Northern Engraving's stats before and after inbound marketing

Northern Engraving has evolved over the past 105 years into being an industry leader in the manufacture of product branding, automotive cockpit trim and decorative appliance trim. Northern Engraving used traditional marketing methods, which were effective at the beginning, but didn't scale well or give them the exposure they needed to grow.

After the economic crisis in 2008, they tried to find a more economical way to reach their audience and capture the right leads. Before turning to inbound marketing with HubSpot, Northern Engraving used direct in person presentations to share their new technologies and trends with their customers. This was a great way to share their new products with their customers but it was definitely limiting them in terms of exposure.

Northern Engraving marketing team realized that inbound marketing methodology and a marketing automation software could provide them with the tools to update their website in order to mirror their position as a leader in their marketplace. They knew with better control over their website, they could easily create targeted content to capture leads online in new markets they never reached before.

Using HubSpot website management tool, Northern Engraving marketing team was able to update their website and create relevant content to their target audience. Since they started using HubSpot back in 2009, they have increased their website traffic by 606%.

The team has also created different landing pages for each item of their products using HubSpot landing pages tool to capture qualified leads. This have increased their leads by 142%.

To tailor the follow up with the leads and turn them into customers, Northern Engraving used HubSpot lead nurturing tool and they were able to convert the majority of their leads into customers.

They also added a blog to their website and used the blogging tool of HubSpot to create content that meets the needs of the diversity of their buyer personas in the different markets so that they can attract the biggest number of visitors to their website and then let them walk through the sales funnel. They included photos of their products within their posts which resulted in 543% increase in referral traffic through image search.

Palmer Retail Solutions

The second successful story is Palmer Retail Solutions.  Palmer has been designing and producing retail fixtures, cash wraps, kiosks and point of purchase displays for leading specialty and big box retailers and brand merchandisers since 1990.  

Palmer relied heavily on PPC -Pay Per Click- ads and word of mouth.  

After partnering with Story Teller Media + Communications -a HubSpot partner agency- they knew that they can attract more of their audience by creating remarkable content to establish themselves as industry thought leaders.

They created content focusing on the pain points of their target audience and they also generated downloadable content offers to help their audience achieve their goals and overcome their challenges.

Their landing page “Building a retail kiosk” drove 12.5 lead conversion rate. By creating content regularly, they appeared on the first page of search results!

Here are the successful results they got after following the inbound methodology for one year:

Palmers Retail solutions results after following following the inbound marketing methodology

After all, counting on direct sales only in the manufacturing industry won’t get you the expansion you desire. A comprehensive inbound marketing program is a must for achieving sustainable growth.

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